How to Start a Food Blog Photography

04 Apr 2015 03:14

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So you would like to start a food blog but don’t know where to begin?


Don’t worry its not as hard as you may think. Many well meaning family members and friends may have encouraged you to set up your very own blog but you just didn’t know where to start.

The first thing to remember is to start with a smaller niche that you may be keen on. For example rather than just writing a blog about all sorts of foods why not try a blog just on paleo recipes or even desserts. This keeps your blog tightly focused and will more likely be more appreciated by the visitors you get to it. How To Start a Food Blog

Second thing to remember is that food blogging is all bout photography. It’s the photographs that draw the visitors too your blog and keep them on the site and interested in the recipes. So if you don’t have a good camera I suggest you buy one and get a few lessons.

To help you along the way to food blogdom we have a free course entitiled How To Start a Food Blog and Make Money

For testimonials we also have a few videos. This one on How To Start a Food Blog is ideal

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